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Thoughtful Friends and Family

Guys, T.J. has already been gone for a month. We are 1/4 through the internship! Obviously there were times that were hard, but it wasn’t horrible because I had so many friends and family help out all month long.

Thanks to my in-laws. They have watched Eva countless times so I could get out and have some time to myself, and had me over whenever I’ve needed some company.

Thanks to my visiting teachers. On my anniversary, they brought be chocolates and a dozen roses. Seriously, they’re the best.

Thanks to my roommate, Hannah. She has helped me with Eva, kept me company, brought me home surprises, and even let me sleep in her bed when we had the natural disaster.

Thanks to the “widow’s club” aka Erin and Chelsea who’s husbands are also gone. They have helped with me Eva, and kept me busy with dinners and walks.

Thanks to everyone else who have thought of me by sending texts, calls, and messages.

I’m really overwhelmed by the thoughtfulness of my friends and family. I don’t want this blog post to sound like that Seriously, So Blessed blog… but I think it’s too late. This month has flown by and actually been a pretty good one, thanks to all of you!


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