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  1. One of my fingernails is all rugged at the end and it keeps snagging things.  It has been going on for days!  I keep trying to cut it but it keeps breaking and now the nail is too short to cut.  Terrible.
  2. There is an adult ballroom camp going on this week on campus.  I love watching them, they are all so cute.  I hope T.J. and I will be like them when we are older.
  3. A beautiful bouquet of flowers showed up in my office this morning. My eyes got wide and a huge smile came across my face, only to find out that they were for my boss.
  4. We are going to Lagoon tomorrow with the Derrick side of T.J.’s family.  Last year I took dramamine all day so I wouldn’t get sick, which helped.  But at night when I was laying in bed, I felt like I was still riding roller-coasters, leading me to puke all night long.  Needless to say, I’m getting very worried about what this weekend has in store for me.
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