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  • The biggest thing in my head is THE OFFICE SERIES FINALE TONIGHT. I have been in denial that it’s happening. Like, my best (tv) friends are coming back in the fall… they’re just pulling another prank… right? I just can’t believe it. But it will be good. I’m excited to see how they wrap everything up. If Michael Scott does not appear somehow in the finale (even a tiny clip), I will die. DIE out of heartbreak. If he DOES appear, I will die. DIE from a heart attack full of love. So, either way… it’s going to be a pretty exciting/crazy/horrible/beautiful night. 
  • We sold our car. Seriously, I cannot express how grateful we are about this. We really felt that it was the right thing to do before moving to New York. We’d have one less bill to pay and just downsize our life a bit. I know it’s going to be a transition, but it won’t be too bad in NY since there’s the subway. But anyway, a couple bought it from us Wednesday morning and we got more than we expected to get so we were able to pay off some bills too! Score! I’ll forever miss our Eggplant.
  • We are going to Southern Utah today through tomorrow. T.J.’s great-grandfather who was 103 died on Mother’s Day. It is sad because we will surely miss his sweet spirit, but he has moved on and I’m sure has been missed on the other side. It will be nice to see extended family this weekend before we leave for New York, too
  • T.J. is ONE step away from finishing his BFA final project. He has to get it done before we leave for NY… so tick tock, T!
  • THE OFFICE!!!!!!!!!!
  • We found a place to live in NYC! I think I mentioned we were going to just rent a hotel for a couple of days and find housing once we get out there but a friend of mine from high school lives in Brooklyn pretty close to where we were looking for housing. She and her husband are leaving the day our hotel stay is over for the rest of the summer. We are going to rent their apartment! It worked out PERFECTLY. It was truly a blessing and an answer to our prayers. Now we can take our time to find where we really want to live and not feel pressured into signing a place right away.
  • I really need new makeup. I generally use Almay for concealer and foundation but I feel like it doesn’t cover up dark eye circles well enough. Anyone have any suggestions? Also, I want a new brand of waterproof mascara. I buy from the grocery store so please don’t give me a tip that will cost $50.
  • I scolded Eva the other day saying, “No,” very firmly while waving my pointer finger at her. What did she do? I thought it might make her cry. But no. She did the EXACT same thing right back at me. The finger and everything. SHE IS ONLY ONE AND A HALF! What is it going to be like when she’s five? At least at that age she’ll be able to understand more clearly.
  • I don’t believe we are really going to New York in five days. It’s been talk for so long that it doesn’t feel real. EEK! Who is going to come visit us?!?
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  1. Jauna
    Jauna says:

    Have you tried E.L.F make up at all they have some similar to bare minerals, which I will tell you i LOVE LOVE LOVE my bare minerals and have been just about out and needing to buy more but dont want to spend that much, It does work the best for me i think though. they do have sales though sometimes. I’ll check and see what the other i use it. My friend swears by this http://www.amazon.com/Garnier-Anti-Dark-Circle-Roller-0-50-Fluid/dp/B003RF82RI

    And mascara that i really liked was covergirl is lash blast volume one
    and i use another but i’ll have to look and see what it is. http://www.walmart.com/ip/COVERGIRL-LashBlast-Volume-Blasting-Waterproof-Mascara-BLACK-830/10318531


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