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  1. This inversion is killing me. I can’t wait for the Spring… not because of the cold but because (hopefully) rain will come and wash all this bad air away!
  2. We planned a last minute activity at the indoor track for the Relief Society. The people who planned it were the only ones who came. But we had a great power walk nonetheless!
  3. The Parenthood finale last night was in.cred.i.ble. Guys, it wasn’t even five minutes into the show and I was already tearing up. I love that show! I’m worried that it’s going to be canceled though because it ended so early in the year. Anyone know anything?
  4. I can’t stop dreaming about warm weather and vacationing. There’s a job T.J. is looking at in Southern California, and it’s starting to sound really wonderful. Thirty minutes from the beach and one hour from Disneyland? Sign me up. But like I said, he’s just looking at it. So, family (particularly mothers and mother-in-laws), don’t worry yet!
  5. I have been having the strangest dreams at night. Last night all of my old acquaintances from high school were hanging out with Eva and me. So random.
  6. The more Downton Abbey I watch, the more I catch myself talking in a British accent.
  7. The circus is in town. If Eva was a little older, I’m pretty sure we would be going today. Have I ever told you all about the time I went to the circus with a friend and she fell asleep in the middle of it? I will never forget that and how weird I thought it was. I still can’t believe it. What type of kid falls asleep during the circus?
  8. I put dry shampoo in Eva’s hair this morning because it was sticking straight up and I wanted her to wear a headband today. Her hair has so much volume now. It’s pretty funny looking.
  9. When we left for the track last night, Eva wouldn’t put her tooth brush down. So, Eva “brushed” her teeth during our entire time out. What can I say? She’s serious about brushing.
  10. It’s already Wednesday! Awesome!
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