This is Texas.

Do you get worried when I don’t write five posts everyday like usual? I sure hope you do. I hope you miss my mindless posts and ramblings.

Anyway, I am currently in Texas. Hannah flew me down so she wouldn’t have to drive back to Provo by herself. So, it’s pretty much the best deal ever. I get to see Hannah before all of her other friends, go on a trip for free, visit her family, and tonight I even got to see some of my cousins who I haven’t seen in eight years… they live just 15 minutes away. Awesome.

I will post a bunch of photos later. But for now, enjoy these two from our afternoon downtown McKinney. Hannah and I matched. I wore the dress version (thanks again, dear Hannie) and she wore the shirt version. I felt like a true TexMexan. I made that word up right now.

P.S. I apologize if my face gives you the creeps.


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