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This is how it feels…

Okay, maybe I stole the title of this post from Hannah’s blog, but it was a great one and she’s probably excited that I loved it so much I wanted to copy it.

Since we’re talking about Hannah, may I just say that I love her BUT I do not like that she has left me. So the consensus is:

Friends don’t let friends leave forever.

That’s why my goal is to convince her to come back here in the fall.

On a similar note, another best friend is leaving me. On Thursday at 8 pm. Yes, I am talking about Michael Scott. I’m serious. I really am sad. Last night I re-watched the proposal scene and musical tribute the group sang to Michael last week. Adding that to a few previews of this week’s episode, I cried. FULL out cried.

I wish there was a way I could convince him to come back in the fall too.

So, that’s my life. Two of my closest friends are abandoning me, and so I am forced to watch Vitamin C’s Friend’s Forever music video over and over.

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  1. Hannah
    Hannah says:

    you bet your bottom dollar i was beyond ELATED to see this title.

    and some of us have to miss all season finales this season. count your many blessings.


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