These are my people

A year or two ago, I was sitting at the piano on the stage of our church back in Jersey. I was brought tears as I looked down at the congregation when the following thought came to me, “These are my people. They are my family.”

I won’t forget that moment. I knew at that point that we were sent to Jersey for a reason. Tons of reasons actually. But one of which was to be a part of that great ward.

Well, fast forward to now. We’ve lived in Lehi for almost a year now. The congregation we are in at church definitely doesn’t look or act the same as that ward back in Jersey City. I definitely miss those Fast & Testimony meetings back in the city because you never knew what was going to happen. Break into group prayer? Sure. Sing at the pulpit? Go for it. Bring your harmonica? Give it a blow! But although this new ward has different quirks, yesterday I was at Stake Conference. I was standing in unison with my fellow neighbors and friends singing a powerful hymn. I looked around and saw the faces of many who have really reached out to me this past year, some who probably didn’t even know the influence they’ve made. The relief society counselor who always is honest in her testimony. A mom who’s always kind to me in the nursing room. A couple who always has a smile on their face no matter what trial comes their way. These people… They are my people now. I love them. We all may have families close by and may not need each other exactly how we needed each other back in Jersey. But this congregation is where we are supposed to be right now, and I’m so glad for that amazing confirmation yesterday.

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