The Tonight Show

Remember that one time where I actually won tickets to The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon? It was the same day as finding out we were having a boy. I’m not sure which was more exciting, finding out the gender of my baby or getting the tickets… haha… jk… definitely the baby…?

Well, the day finally arrived for the show and my friend Hannah came in town. I actually said to her when I got the tickets that if she could get herself to NYC the ticket was hers. Twenty minutes later she had booked a flight. I think we are a bit obsessed with our pal Jimmy. But rightfully so!

The show was kind of an all day commitment because we had to pick up the tickets, wait in some lines, wait in the studio and watch the show being filmed but I loved every minute of it!  It was so exciting to be in the studio (ON THE SECOND ROW, may I add?), watch the Roots, see Charlize, Tom, Death Cab, and of course, JIMMY! It was a fantastic day.

You can watch the clip below to see us! Start around 5:50 and we are right behind the girl who dances with Jimmy. I was shaking, my cheeks hurt from laughing so much, and my heart almost exploded as he walked towards us to pick a dancing partner! AH! It feels like a dream now haha! And don’t worry, TJ loves him just as much as me!

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