The time when T.J. and I got really sick…

Yesterday, T.J. and were in Salt Lake (a post about that will come later). We ate at the Red Rock Brewery and everything was very delicious. About two minutes after we had started driving home, T.J. told me he wasn’t feeling too great. He kept saying things like, “Hmmm… something is going on in there… uh-oh… something is not sitting right.” I asked him if he wanted to me to pull over at the gas station and he assured me it would be okay, so we got on the highway.

About five minutes later my stomach started churning and I got a really bad stomach ache. I got in the HOV lane, and put the pedal to the metal… trying to get back to American Fork as fast as I could because I knew I would need to be using the little girls’ room shortly.

T.J.’s stomach ache got worse too. He just kept grunting. Whenever he’d try to make conversation, I would “shh” him because the noise would make me feel even more sick.

I kept thinking, maybe we should pull off and go to a gas station, but I decided to continue being in the HOV lane, speeding back to T.J.’s parents’ place.

We got to the point of the mountain and I told T.J. I thought I should stop at JCW’s and use the restroom. He agreed and just kept moaning, and so we got off the exit… both of us feeling like we’re dying.

T.J. said, “Will you judge me if I go to the bathroom in my pants?”

I started laughing so hard, but it just made my stomach cramps even worse. He told me he was seriously asking because he thought it might happen. Oh gosh.

We were about to pull into JCW’s parking lot but there was a car just stopped in the middle of the road. I was about to honk when T.J. yelled,

“WHAT THE HELL ARE THEY DOING.” (Sorry to use that language on my blog, mom… it just was so funny!)

I’ve NEVER heard T.J. use language like that ever. He never EVER cusses so it made me laugh even harder, making me feel even more sick. We pulled around them and decided to go to the gas station instead. T.J. jumped out of the car and headed straight to the bathroom. I was right behind him. What we thought was the bathroom turned out to be just a storage room which REALLY ticked T.J. off. It looked like he was about to cry. Or pass out. I just kept laughing out of control.

We found the bathroom, but it turned out it was just the women’s bathroom.  T.J. didn’t notice so he followed me in. I hurried him out and he ran across the store to the men’s bathroom.

Twenty minutes later… we were back on the road again. Still feeling kind of sick but feeling muchhhhh better.

It was awful. But so funny. I’ll never forget it.

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  1. Elise Parker
    Elise Parker says:

    That’s so sad! We missed you last night. And T.J. lied when he got there and said he “almost swore” because he was so frustrated. Little sinner. 🙂 Glad you’re feeling better!


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