The Surprise

On July 6, T.J.’s bus was scheduled to arrive at midnight in Washington, DC. Little did he know that the day before, my mom, Eva, and I drove nine hours from Cincinnati to DC.

The whole day I was so restless, I couldn’t stop looking at the clock. By 9 pm, I was going stir crazy, so my sister and I caught a movie before heading to the bus stop. After the movie, we kept discussing how we should surprise T.J.

This is what we decided upon a minute before it happened.

Mary Beth parked the car at the end of the block where he was waiting. She got out and greeted him while I sat in the car. As they headed back, I jumped out of the car and stood on the sidewalk waiting for him to notice me.

T.J. eventually looked up and saw me at the end of the block. He was so in shock and so confused that he barely said anything. I had played that moment out in my mind for about two weeks and didn’t think it would go this way, plus we stopped and kissed right next to homeless people so I felt really awkward with them laying on the ground watching me.

But all that aside, it was perfect. How often do you get to travel across the country to surprise your spouse? Maybe once in your life, if you’re lucky! It was wonderful to see him, beard and all.

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