The Sauna

I’m in Kentucky! Back at home, missing my hubby, but loving spending time with family. But it was quite an adventure to get here today. To fly directly into Cincinnati, it’s about $400. To fly into Louisville, it is about $200. So, even though Louisville is two hours from my house, it’s worth the drive to save money. But today, my layover was in Cincinnati. So, here I was just twenty minutes away from my parent’s house hoping I could just leave and not take the next flight, but Delta told me my returning flight would be canceled.

I asked around hoping someone would make an exception for me, played a lot of cards which none of them worked, and so I got on to the connecting flight to Louisville, upset that I had to go all the way there for nothing.

That’s when the best thing of my life happened. The plane was broken. Although it stunk having to sit in the plane for a few minutes without air conditioning in a plane that felt like a sauna, it gave me hope that there still might be a little chance left!

Shortly after, the flight attendant told us that we were to get off the plane and wait for further instructions and that they could accomodate us if needed. Brilliant. SO glad I didn’t check my bags.

As soon as we got off the plane, one of the ladies I had been talking to about my flight pulled me aside, told me I could get off, she fixed my flights and WALAH! I didn’t have to go fly to Louisville, my dad didn’t even get far because of traffic so in fifteen minutes I was on my way home!

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