The Palendrome

Although, I am counting down the days (even minutes) until graduation, there is only ONE reason why I want time to slowwwww down.

Hannah Judd

In May, Hannah is going to Mexico to teach English to cute little Mexican children. Once she gets there, it’ll be the time of her life. But lately we have been realizing how much she will miss being gone through summer. Oh, and then she’s probably moving to Texas for a while so that means my life is about to be over. Well, it might as well be.

Hannah told me to write a post about all the things she will be missing when she is gone. I said no, it will make her cry. She said she will cry no matter what. So here I am.

  1. Seven Peaks pass/laying in a float on the wave pool for the majority of summer
  2. Premiere of HP7.2
  3. Premiere of Twilight
  4. Eating snow cones with ice-cream and condensed milk
  5. Potential road trips
  6. Wedding receptions
  7. Summer concerts in the park
  8. Less crowded city of Provo
  9. Me cleaning Hannah’s room… actually that will probably still happen, so scratch that.
  10. Maglebye’s Fresh for breakfast and that one Mexican restaurant that we always go to for dinner

Okay, after making this list, I realized there’s not much going on. What a tender ending! It will be okay as long as she has internet connection so we can have our daily evening gchat.


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