The Kentuckians come to Utah

My parents got to come to Utah for a few days over my mom’s Fall break. We had a few days of nice weather, then it got pretty cold. But thankfully we got to do a lot of fun things while they were in town still.

Once we picked them up from the airport, we went straight to City Creek and Temple Square to walk around a bit.

On Friday, we went to Ashton Gardens before Eva went to school, then that evening had Indian food in Salt Lake before visiting Gardner Village. They had all their witches out-we always love checking that place out!

On Saturday, we went to Cornbelly’s together. We stayed there for hours and could have stayed longer because it was so much fun. That night, we had a babysitter and went to see a movie together without the kids. It was nice to be able to get out without them and spend some time together as adults.

Sunday was church, but it was before our time change, so church was at 2:30 still. We went on a long drive that morning, unfortunately it was too chilly to get out and go on a walk like we had planned, but it was still fun to show them some places and pretty views.

We loved having them in town and can’t wait to see them next week! Thanks for coming!

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