The Journey Continues…

After New York, I headed to Cincinnati to visit my family for three weeks. The timing was perfect because my parents were watching my two nieces through last Tuesday, then my sister and her husband returned and visited until Friday. They live in DC so I don’t get to see them too often.

One day I asked Claire if she wanted to see pictures of her uncle T.J. and she said,

“No, I already know what he looks like!”

Well, how silly of me!

Amelia would squirm and hate to sit still in your lap. BUT I figured out how to cheat the system. All you have to say is,

“Let’s play hunting for treasure!”

She was a sucker for back rubs!

I love those girls and miss them already! Here are a few pictures from the first days I was home:

It’s so green in Kentucky • Pool time-My mom with her grandkids • Diva Eva and her Papa
Claire, the movie star • BBQ for dinner with Nehis • Eva fell asleep at church without any tears
Cousin bath time • Claire and Eva • Claire holding Eva’s bottle-such a good little helper

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