The First Week in NYC

Photo May 21, 11 38 55 PM

On the flight to JFK

Photo May 22, 5 39 30 AM (1)

A sunrise and happy baby

Photo May 22, 4 18 45 PM

If you know Eva, you know how rarely she settles down and will take a nap in places other than her crib. Although she was heavy to carry through the streets of NYC, I loved every second of her cute snuggles!

Photo May 22, 10 25 00 PM

For our 3rd Anniversary (the day we arrived), we ate at Grimaldi’s. It definitely lived up to its hype. Delicious!

Photo May 27, 4 10 33 PM (1)

Although NYC doesn’t have beautiful mountains, it does have hidden beauty if you look for it. Here’s one example.

Photo May 27, 3 29 52 PM

Uniqlo flagship store. I love this place and can’t wait until we have a little extra money to get some clothes here!

Photo May 26, 12 34 25 PM

A gorgeous church in Brooklyn

Photo May 26, 11 38 45 AM

I love subway art!

Photo May 26, 11 06 50 AM

Our second hotel was just blocks away from Carnegie Hall!

Photo May 26, 9 39 36 PM

A crazy baby with post-pigtail hair and the new documentary series North America on Discovery channel. Please tell me you guys are watching it!? It’s amazing.

Photo May 25, 12 23 14 PM

We stayed in three hotels while trying to find our apartment-we didn’t want to book them for too long just in case we found a place and we kept moving to get cheap last minute deals. The second hotel (Holiday Inn on 57th) was by far our favorite and had SO much space compared to the other two!

Photo May 24, 2 34 10 PM

An amazing staircase entryway at the apartment complex we applied to on Roosevelt Island.

Photo May 24, 1 43 33 PM

Lunch in Bryant Park

Photo May 23, 2 59 37 PM

Eva relaxing in the stroller protected from the rain.

Photo May 23, 2 53 11 PM

Central Park

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  1. Erin
    Erin says:

    Girl, your hair is getting so long! I think it has grown 3 inches since I last saw you. Especially because it feels like I haven’t seen you in like a YEAR! Ok, the point is, you look pretty in that pic from Grimaldi’s. Also, I love Eva.


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