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The Big 23?

When I was young, I would spend weeks planning my birthday parties. I’d send out the invitations, help prepare the cake and goodie bags, it was usually a slumber party and a BIG ordeal in my mind. Since then, I’d be okay if we just skipped over the day because it just reminds me of how fast time flies. Am I a downer or what?

That being said, I still had a wonderful birthday. It was the first time in five years since I got to celebrate it at home in Kentucky with my family. I went shopping with my mom at Kenwood mall, ate my favorite meal (Skyline Chili), and topped it off with cheesecake from the Cheesecake factory. We even watched The Muppets movie as a family. Thanks to everyone for the wonderful birthday texts, gifts, and messages!

Two days later, my brother came up from Lexington and we went to Montgomery Inn Boathouse on the river to celebrate a little more. If you aren’t from Cincinnati, this place is known for their ribs. Whenever anyone famous comes to town, they always eat there because they are the best!

I looked in my baby book to see what we did for my third birthday… twenty years ago! My mom wrote that I was very excited and looking forward to it. We had donuts for breakfast, a party with my friends and neighbors, went to a restaurant on the river and my Grandpa sent money for a tricycle!

Here I am at 3 years old:

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