The Bachelorette Club

Two summers ago, I went with a friend to a Bachelorette finale party. Those girls turned into my closest friends as we bonded  the next two years over a cheesy television show each week and gossiped about our favorite contestants. On Sunday nights I would be so sad about the weekend being over but then quickly remembered Monday was Bachelor/Bachelorette night (after FHE, of course) and that I’d get to see my girlfriends the next day!

As soon as we moved out here, the new season started and I was so sad about leaving the Bachelorette club. Every monday, we text about missing each other because, let’s face it, watching the show with my husband is not as fun (but to be fair, when I told him to make comments that my girlfriends would make, it’s been pretty funny and he’s actually gotten into the show).

Well, this past Monday’s episode was supposed to be epic. It was part 1 of the finale-which they never break up the finale! So, I knew I had to get together with a bunch of girls to watch the episode. I invited a couple girls in my ward, one of them reserved the theater in her apartment building, and it started again… a new Bachelorette club! I miss my Provo girls but I am so happy (as dumb as all of this sounds) to have a group again to watch the show! Hope they’re as excited as me for the finale next week!

And for those of you who have watched this season (even though it’s been pretty lame), let’s cross our fingers Brooks comes back next week and they tell us Drew will be the next Bachelor!

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  1. Laura Bean
    Laura Bean says:

    That’s so awesome! Glad you have some gals to watch it with. I can’t even imagine what will end up happening next week!

  2. Meghan
    Meghan says:

    How fun! I love that show. I totally agree! Even though I like Chris better, Brooks seems meant for her and I totally think Drew should be the next Bachelor!


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