The Bachelor Club

Well, it happened. I am now one of those girls who watches The Bachelor. But before you start judging me, just know that the main reason I got into it is because a couple of girls in my ward watch it together each week and it’s just about the BTOML. We all chat about how crazy the girls are, eat way too many snacks, and gossip about who we think will get kicked off next. We would love to have you join us… we watch it on Mondays at 9:15.

So, for all the rest of you Bachelor followers, I want to know who is your favorite? I love Kaycee B from Tennessee. I think she is darling! And my least favorite is that model girl he went on a date with. She is so full of herself and has ZERO personality.

And I can’t believe I just wrote a whole post about this show. How embarrassing.

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  1. Erin
    Erin says:

    NEXT WEEK NOTHING WILL STOP ME FROM COMING! I’m so bummed I’ve had to miss it the last 2 weeks, but Future Erin will always be there. I’m super excited.

  2. Kate C
    Kate C says:

    Just like you, I’m embarrassed to admit that I’ve watched it…also that I’ve watched a previous Bachelor season. With that known, I have to say that this season already feels skanky. Way more than others before. Just beware.


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