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The Actual Trip

Now about the trip!

Saturday morning, T.J.’s parents, Eva and I headed up to Boise in a nice rented van. I was nervous about how Eva would do in the car, but overall she did really well and slept a lot of the way. This meant extra time for me to watch The Office and listen to New Direction. Bliss.

Once we arrived in Boise, we visited with everyone for a bit (T.J.’s brother and his family came up as well) then we went to the World Market. I went to this store back in DC a couple months back and fell in love, so I was so excited to walk through again.

We ended the night with a little Jack in the Box and tried to convince ourselves we could get all three babies and dog asleep at a reasonable time in their apartment so we adults could hang out and play games.

Well, as I’ve said a hundred times… a baby changes everything. And THREE babies trying to fall asleep at the same time in a small area is, well, what I imagine what one of Dante’s levels of hell is like. One would fall asleep, then another would wake up, waking up another… a continual cycle. We eventually gave up and headed back to the hotel.

Eva slept all night long, which was a blessing. I wasn’t sure how she’d do in a portacrib in the same room as us, but she slept soundly.

Sunday morning we went to church. That’s always an adventure with Eva, but I finally got her to sleep in the nursing room.

Later that afternoon, we went downtown to this beautiful park with lots of ducks and geese. Eva LOVED them! Anytime they’d make noise, she’d laugh. Gosh, she’s a doll! I’m sorry that I’m so obsessed with her!

Monday, we ate at the Cheesecake Factory, I ate my daily allowance of calories by just eating one slice of cheesecake (worth it), and we headed back to Utah with Lacey, Cohen, and Beau the dog in the van with us.

It was a short trip, but so fun! The three babies together were such a blast to watch!

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