The 411 on Homesickness

Okay, there are a number of homesick levels.

Level 1: Completely satisfied where you are at that moment.

Level 2: Home is on the back of your mind. You try to keep in touch when you can.

Level 3: Home is always on your mind for one little reason or another.  Usually brought on by seasons or specific people.  Sometimes tears are shed when things aren’t going quite right where you are, making you remember the “good ol’ days”.

Level 4: A holiday or big event is passing and you are away.  Bad news bears.  Fits and nostalgia are common.

Level 5: This is when you are wondering while laying in bed, “Why on earth am I here and not at home where I belong?!”  This stage is filled with long phone calls, torturing yourself by looking through old songs, home videos, or photographs, and tissues.

Needless to say, I’m always at least on level 2.  Don’t get me wrong, I loveeeee Utah, and home is where your heart is, right? So, I do feel at home when I’m with T.J.  But sometimes I do miss the good ol’ Fort now and again!

So today, I’m on level 3, which is not high enough for you to be concerned.  But it was brought on because my friend was telling me that she and her fiancé just bought a house in Fort Thomas, so clearly I had to check out the place on GoogleMaps… which led me to my old street

Here’s what I found:

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  1. Carrie Ann
    Carrie Ann says:

    katie! i did the exact same thing about 3 weeks ago. i spent about an hour on google maps virtually going from my house to the library (i know, i’m a nerd, but i do that when i’m home about 3 times a week)


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