That’s Provo

I love living in Provo. It’s perfect for our situation as T.J. finishes school. We’re still surrounded by students and other couples in the same situation as us. But it comes a price. Living in Provo means people are constantly coming in and out and, of course, it’s always so fun when you grow close to new people, but it is always so depressing (no matter how often it happens) when people move away.

This summer is no exception. I have some of the best girlfriends in the world, but a handful of them have just moved away, or at least moved out of my ward. The latest, Chelsea Paxton! She and her husband moved to Kansas last week.

Chelsea was so supportive and caring to me and Eva this summer! I can’t count the number of times she offered to hold Eva at church (which is appreciated more than I can even express) or went on walks with me. We’ll miss you guys!

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