That One Time When Eva Looked Just Like Her Dad…

… oh, wait… she actually looks like him all the time. Good thing she has a cute daddy.

Here she is at 7 weeks.

Weight: 9 lbs, 9 oz

Likes: Laying on the changing table without a diaper on,
kicking her legs in the bathtub, a bottle, bouncing, and smiling.

Dislikes: Going to the bathroom, burping, waiting for food,
sleeping in her crib (yikes, we really need to do something about that),
getting out of the bathtub.

We think Eva has been going through a growth spurt–she wants to eat all the time and she never is quite satisfied. Generally, she is  very cheerful during the afternoon, but her witching hour starts around 8 or 9 pm. She loves soaking her bottom in the bathtub because her stupid diaper rash just won’t go away. She’s still fascinated by lights, especially the TV, computer, or iPhone screens. Eva makes great eye contact and has now started to grab my hair–I’m considering cutting it even shorter because of it. Already at 7 weeks, she loves to be held outwards so she can see everything around her and not miss a thing. She is sleeping wonderfully through the night still, waking up at 11 pm, 5 and 8 am to eat. If you get Eva in the right mood, she will smile right back at you–which makes everything completely worth it.

Here’s to 7 weeks with our darling Eva Kay. She already has quite the personality (have you seen her scowl?) and she dazzles us daily with every little cute thing she does.

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