That one time we hit a deer…

A dead deer, that is. A week ago we were driving up SR-92 to go to TJ’s grandma’s house for an extended family FHE when we noticed the car in front of us swerve quickly. Before we knew it, we saw a dead dear (but freshly killed because he wasn’t flat at all) on the road and TJ had to run right over it. If he would have swerved he could have hit the car next to us, so it had to be done. But man. It was scary. And loud. The car definitely got some air and all of us screamed. Including Finn because we woke up him from our screaming. TJ pulled over and we got out to check the car. It looked alright, but bloody and furry from that poor guy. We took it to the car wash and it was like a murder scene. Yuck.

We took the car in and it caused $4000 worth of damage. Thankfully the insurance is covering the majority of the work, but it is sure a hassle and pretty annoying that a chunk of our tax return is going to fixing our sad car.

Two fun facts about the situation:

  1. The car rental place only had two trucks available at the time. The one they initially wanted to give us was a HUGE diesel truck, pimped out. Can you imagine me driving that? Ha!
  2. The day after the accident, Eva came in wearing her reindeer Christmas shirt. I asked her why she put it on and she replied, “Because we ran over that deer yesterday.” I laughed for a LONG time after that. She also kept asking if the deer was mad that we hit him. Probably, Eva. Probably.
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