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Hey guys, I’ve started a blog about my goal to lose some weight and get back into shape. My “Christmas Wish” is to lose five pounds by December 21st, the day I go back home for Christmas break. Let me know if you have any tips or pointers!

[dumb]bells will be ringing

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  1. Paul
    Paul says:

    So, Katie, from one LAOer to another. Once upon a time (i.e. this past summer) I was quite the chunk. So I decided I need to lose some weight. My two tips to you would be as follows (I lost 30 pounds in about 4 and a half months doing this, though I probably had a lot more to lose than you). Anyway, the first thing I did was workout first thing in the morning. I say morning because it kind of kickstarted my metabolism for the day. I have heard the same about night, but morning worked for me. I used the Wii Fit, but really 30 minutes of ANY kind of exercise will be benefitial. The second thing I did was find a good target calorie intake (it takes an average of 3,500 calories burned to lose a pound of fat, and the average person burns around 2,500ish (give or take a couple hundred) calories in one day just by going about doing regular things. So I chose 2,000 calories and did my best to equally divide those 2,000 calories through my meals. It helped my metabolism because my body got used to how much it would need to be burning at a given time and it became more efficient at doing so. The key to both of those is consistency (which is unfortunately the hardest part). Another key for me was to not necessarily eliminate my favorite foods. It’s ok to have some junk food now and then, just as long as you don’t use TOO many calories on it. Sorry for the long post, and I know we don’t exactly talk all the time, but this worked for me so I thought I’d pass it along!


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