Temple Square

On Friday, I took the kids up to Salt Lake and met my friend Sarah for the afternoon. She lived in Jersey while we were there and moved back to Utah around the same time as us. It was fun strolling the city together again!

Temple Square was so beautiful. During the conference broadcast last weekend, they showed clips of the square with all the beautiful flowers so I really wanted to go see it in person, even though we went a couple weeks ago with my sister. So much more was blossoming-it was gorgeous. It reminded me of the day we were married, a little overcast (no hail today, unlike our wedding day) but Spring flowers everywhere! I love being able to take Eva to the temple grounds to show her where we were married and show her the importance of the temple.

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DSC02667 DSC02661 DSC02659 DSC02658
DSC02647 DSC02645


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