For those of you who came to our place in December, you saw how our home because a Christmas tree forest. We had three Christmas trees in all. The first one was in our living room with white lights and my new cute Target ornaments, bought by our last Wedding gift-card. I kind of was in love with this tree. From the snow to my mom’s antique bird ornaments that she gave me this year (which are very special to our family), I wish we could have kept it up for longer.

The next tree, which I forgot to take a picture of before I took it down, was a miniature fiberoptic. It was super tacky. But I bought it last year for my apartment and couldn’t help to put it back up again. I put only two ornaments on the top of this tree. They were little angels–a girl and boy–straight from Mexico, which is where Blair brought them for me last year.

And lastly, the third tree was in our dining room. T.J.’s aunt gave us this tree, that’s why we have so many. We put up our personal ornaments that we had accumulated through the years. My Grandmother, Penny, gave me an ornament each year at Christmas, so it was fun to see all of them on our own tree. We also put up T.J.’s ornaments he got on his mission to Micronesia.

(Sidebar: It’s kind of embarrassing how chubby my cheeks were and how horrible my haircut was in this photo. But it calls for a good laugh, especially compared to T.J. normal sized head.)

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