Taking a Breather

Well, we survived the week thanks to the help of our friends and family.

Monday night-the last night in our condo-Laura, Erin, and Carlee stopped by to cheer me up with lots of cupcakes and Mindy Project marathon.

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On Tuesday, my mother-in-law watched Eva so we could get everything packed up and moved out without little hands tugging on our pants. More than a dozen people from our ward that night to help load our truck. I didn’t even load one box because they were so fast. It was remarkable and such a blessing that everything went so smoothly.

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Wednesday, we ran errands in Provo while T.J. finished up his last project on campus. Eva and I had to run back to the condo to pick up a couple things we forgot and as soon as Eva saw the empty house, she ran room to room saying, “Uh oh! Uh oh!” That was pretty adorable/sad. We locked the door for the final time and drove away from our condo on Pleasant View Drive.

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Thursday evening, Kelly, T.J. and I attended Commencement. We were worried T.J. wouldn’t make it because he had been up for two nights in a row and was trying to finalize his final presentation that would be shown later that night. But he made it, got to sit with his classmates, and enjoy Elder Perry’s talk too. It seemed as though Elder Perry said everything our family needed to hear. He talked of priorities and making sure you have an eternal perspective. After commencement, we went to T.J.’s class presentation and dinner. It was fun to talk to the people he has spent so much time with and to get to know his professors a bit.

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Friday was the final day of graduation. We took Eva with us so she could be a part of some of the celebration and she did surprisingly well sitting in the hall watching her daddy on the stage. The speakers were all terrific, and one quoted President Monson saying, “Your future is as bright as your faith.” I’ve always loved that quote. What a good reminder for us right now in our situation. We need to keep our faith high and hope for good things to come.

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To wrap up the week, yesterday T.J. and I went to his cousin Kendra’s wedding in Salt Lake City. Danica and Ryan watched Eva for the day which worked out more than perfectly-so it was nice to have a day in Salt Lake with my husband without running after Evabug. The sealing was beautiful and, once again, I felt like all the advice was just what our family needed to hear. Kendra couldn’t have asked for a nicer day either. It was sunny and in the 70s. It made me remember our wedding nearly three years ago in May when it was so cold and rainy-we weren’t as lucky with the weather but it was still one of the best days of my life and I love returning to the same temple where we were sealed to remember those special moments.

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And here we are. Sunday morning. We are staying with T.J.’s parents for the time being and having a graduation dinner for T.J. tonight with his family. I have to admit, I’m looking forward to this simple week. No special events, no moving, no all-nighters for T.J. Life is good.

Hope you all had a good week! Thanks for all your help, support, and prayers!


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