Eclipse. Was. EPIC.

I hear the second time you see it, at a normal hour and when you aren’t loaded up on sugar and caffeine to stay awake, it just doesn’t have as much power, but I refuse to believe it.

The EPIC night started off by eating at El Gillo Giro, my new favorite mexican restaurant (a post about that is soon to follow), filling our stomachs with delicious burritos, enchiladas and free chips and salsa.

When we arrived at the movie theater, it was 8:00 pm.  We thought we probably had some time to walk around the mall for a while after we picked up our tickets, but turns out the Provo Towne Center was the place to be to watch the movie.  People already were camped out with their blankets, laptops, cutouts, t-shirts, memorabilia, pizzas, ice cream, dinners, and my favorite, lawn chairs (brought by two women over sixty years old).

So we found our place in line, set up camp, and waited around.  For 4 hours.  We watched a lot of YouTube videos, ate a lot of candy, took a bunch of videos and pictures, and watched the second Twilight movie.

Finally midnight rolled around and we were let into our theater, and the movie was starting in 20 minutes.  We rannnnnnnnn to the theater, knocked down children, fought for seats, stole some popcorn (more or less of all that is true), and got perfect seats for the film.

Needless to say, I cried several times in the movie, including the proposal scene.  I loved the part when they were in the tent, for several reasons 🙂 anddddd I loved that Edward actually acted in the movie, instead of staring at the camera, all white and gangly.

Anyway, the event was a success.  Here are a few pictures from the evening.


When I say Tri-date, I don’t mean T.J. and I are going on a triple date.

I mean, Hannah Judd….

+ Katie Derrick….

are going on a date with Jacob Black