Swainhart Cousins

I have a very small extended family, only two first cousins. But that just means we’ve gotten to know all the second cousins and first cousins once removed and so on… but I think we should just call them all cousins because family is family! Anyway, some of my favorite cousins visited from Florida this week. I met up with them for an evening on the Upper East Side at the Shake Shack and then played in the park a bit with Eva afterwards. My cousin Maddie was touring colleges and hopefully will be out here in a year!

When I needed to leave to meet them, it was the start of Eva’s nap time. I took a very big risk and took her out into the city instead of putting her down for a nap. I tried to get her to take a nap in the stroller but she would not do such a thing. However, she was SO good the whole night. For the most part, she sat in her stroller whenever I needed her in there. It made the evening much easier.

Photo Jun 30, 3 51 10 PM Photo Jun 30, 6 25 17 PM Photo Jun 30, 6 25 08 PM Photo Jun 30, 6 24 34 PM

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