Sunday Funday

I can’t help but to think about where I’ve been the past couple years on Conference weekend, what was going on in my life, and how it differs from today. Five years ago, I came out for a college visit and got to see Conference with my brother. Two years ago, I went with T.J. and got an answer to marry him. And today, I’m married, sitting with my in-laws and expecting a baby.

Isn’t it crazy how time flies? It feels just like yesterday I was a kid back in Kentucky and we’d head to the chapel to watch conference after a soccer game or in between sessions, my mom and I would go shopping for my homecoming dress.

But one thing is the same from all of these years, Conference weekend has always had a special feeling about it. We get to hear from our Prophets and apostles who have a message specifically for us. And as I have grown older, it’s amazing to see how the messages specifically answer my prayers.

I hope you are enjoying Conference weekend and feeling the Spirit that it can bring into your life!

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