Sunday Drive

Our church has been emphasizing the importance of keeping the Sabbath Day holy. I have to say, it has been a really good reminder for me. It gets easy to slack off a little on Sundays. When we moved out here, we felt like we were in limbo for a bit since we weren’t in our own Ward or home so we made some excuses on why we could bend the rules a bit. But now we’re back on track and trying harder to go to all of our meetings, get to church on time, and keeping the rest of the day holy and different than the other days of the week. It’s actually been a positive experience and I’ve enjoyed noticing the difference it makes in our home on Sunday.


That being said, this past Sunday we drove through the Alpine Loop and walked around Sundance for a bit. The weather was perfect-it was about 65 degrees up in the canyon and it got me so excited for Fall to come! So, if you’re looking for an activity on Sunday to get out of the house-go on a scenic drive!

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I just had to add this funny photo… we laughed so hard about it. For whatever reason, TJ was holding Eva so strangely, it’s like he had never held her before. And the lady taking the picture said, “Uhhhh are you guys sure you’re camera ready?” We didn’t realize what she was talking about until after we saw the photo! Haha too funny!


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