Sunday Best

My good friend, Sarah, over here at Life is Beautiful, does a post series called His & Hers Sunday Best. I think it’s such a cute idea, plus I love seeing pictures of her darling son dressed up. So, I thought I’d start doing a Sunday Best post each week. Since I don’t dress up much anymore, but I still love fashion, I think this will motivate me to add a little style posts to my blog. (Please don’t compare these to Sarah’s posts… she’s crazy talented and fashionable. If you don’t follow her, start now!)

Ignore my “I feel very awkward posing” face.


Then Eva and I did cheesy faces. Doesn’t Eva look darling in her pink skirt and leopard print top? Of course, she had to wear a necklace like her momma.

IMG_2381 IMG_2382


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  1. Sarah
    Sarah says:

    yay! I’m so happy to see you doing one too! I love your anchor necklace and Eva’s excited face! and I feel you on the awkward posing, but you look beautiful.


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