Starting from Scratch

Going along with the last post, we think one reason Eva has been a little fussier than normal is because she’s been drinking more formula, which doesn’t sit too well in her stomach. Over the weekend, I started to give her more formula than usual because we were out with family a lot and it’s just easier to give her a bottle. Then yesterday I also noticed she wouldn’t latch on as well when nursing and that she’d get frustrated just after a couple of minutes.

I read a bit about it last night and learned that babies usually will start to prefer a bottle over breast because it requires a lot less work. A couple sites recommended starting over, re-teaching the baby how to latch on, and reducing–if not eliminating–formula all together for a while until they get used to breast-feeding again.

So, we started immediately and will be working on that exclusively the next couple days. Hopefully it will help Eva’s stomach feel better and reduce the tears during feeding time.

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