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Today was the day. I got an email telling me the NY Internship Program Acceptance list was up.

Carrie and I walked over immediately, prepared ourselves for the worst, for what was probably going to be our reality.

Upon walking into the office, the secretary and our good friend Lauren walked out. I said,

“I know I didn’t get in, I just want to look at the list.”

She said to both Carrie and I,

“No! You guys made it, you’re alternates, but you both made it!”

Turns out the program doesn’t have much housing available for the program, so if we can find our own housing, they will be able to place us in an internship this Spring in NYC!

I am so happy, grateful, and excited! I can’t believe I was considered and at least made it to the alternates list! The situation is perfect because I was hoping to find my own housing anyway with a family so it would cut down a lot of costs.

Anyway, thanks for your thoughts and prayers! Now if you know anyone who might be able to find me a place to stay (and hopefully T.J. too) then let me know!

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