St. Vincent

Last night T.J. and I went to the movies and saw the new Bill Murray movie, St. Vincent. I grew up watching Bill Murray’s movies all the time. My favorites: What About Bob, Ghostbusters, The Man Who Knew Who Little, Scrooged, and Larger than Life. Since those were all filmed about twenty years ago, it was so strange to see Bill Murray playing an old grumpy man. I think I like him better as Bob who is taking baby steps to a more positive, healthy life but this movie redeemed itself in the end.

Overall, I really loved the film. Not just because Billy Murray starred in it, but because the story was very interesting and well written. It was like About a Boy with Hugh Grant, only with a grumpy, old, broke man. Yet, I didn’t expect it to be SO depressing. I cried several times! I felt so sad for him, and sad for all the people in the world like him. But like I said, it was a really great ending and left on a happy note, fortunately.

Disclaimer: the first five minutes had an F-word and a quick scene of him and the “lady of the night” in bed. The rest of the movie had some language but probably the same amount you hear walking down the streets of NYC. Just thought I would let you know in case you see the movie and then can’t believe I recommended the movie to you. 

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