Spring is Here when my Birthday is near!

Last weekend was wonderful. Simply wonderful. My Birthday was this past Tuesday and since I was going to be out of town on the actual day, we celebrated early.

Thursday we went to Sammy’s for dinner because we had a Groupon there. I’m embarrassed to tell you it was my first time. It was good but not very baby friendly because the music was loud, so next time I will not be bringing Eva.

T.J. took pretty much the whole weekend off of studying to hang out with Eva and me, partly because he wanted to be with us since we were going out of town, but mostly (I think) because he’s getting a little tired of doing work this semester. So, after Sammy’s we watched our two new favorite TV shows… Awake and Touch. Perfect night.

Friday T.J. had a really bad allergy attack, as you might be able to tell from the picture above because it started Thursday night. He woke up and wasn’t able to go to work because he felt so sick. Fortunately after a couple of hours it calmed down with some medicine and so we decided to head up to Salt Lake to a French Bakery called Les Madeleines. T.J. is doing a branding school project for them so it was a wonderful excuse to eat delicious French baked goods.

Les Meleines was conveniently a couple blocks away from the brand new City Creek Center that just opened up. I love going to grand openings, the people, the entertainment… just to be a part of it… it’s so exciting! We were there in the late afternoon so it wasn’t too overwhelming and Eva did great in her stroller the whole time. You have to go soon! The H&M and the Forever21 there are incredible and the whole mall is so nice! I can’t wait to go back! Oh and afterwards we walked around Temple Square since it was just across the street. It was so beautiful and got me so excited for Conference!

Saturday I was surprised by my husband with cupcakes from my favorite cupcake place–the Cocoa Bean. So, a day that starts off with cupcakes is bound to be awesome. And it was BECAUSE WE SAW THE HUNGER GAMES! Let me tell you something. When you haven’t been to the movies in more than three months, just GOING to the theater is exciting. I was practically skipping because I was so happy to get out (sad to say it, but true… without Eva) and get to relax for a couple of hours without any interruptions. And of course, I loved the Hunger Games. I think if I wouldn’t have read the books I wouldn’t have liked it as much because the character development was pretty weak and the plot moved so fast. But I supplemented with what I remembered from the book. None the less, it was still awesome.

So there you have it. I have a great husband who made the weekend memorable and great in-laws who helped out with Eva to make it all possible! Miss you guys!

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  1. Erin
    Erin says:

    Eva loves City Creek! At least I think that’s at City Creek where she and TJ are being all cute. Yay for birthdays/Hunger Games/Sammy’s/malls/Eva/all of the things you mentioned above. It’s all awesome.


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