Spring Flings


I love Spring. Always have, always will. Is there anything more exciting than seeing trees blossom, grass getting greener, and flowers popping up everyday? It’s amazing, beautiful, and happens right in time each year when I think I’m ready to move to Florida and never deal with dreadful Winter again. Last Spring was a great one, and I intend to make Spring 2015 even better because I deserve it after this hard Winter. It was terribly cold, my best friend moved, and I had morning sickness… so, I bid Winter farewell!

The Macy’s Flower show starts on March 22nd and goes through the beginning of April, so I’ll have to take my parents there.


There’s my birthday at the end of the month. Last year we saw The Piano Guys. That was incredible, probably won’t be beat this year… but it’ll be fun to get to go on a date!


We have all those visits from our parents, and a short trip to DC to see my sister and her family. Side note: Last year MB was pregnant, this year I am!


Then there’s Easter!

1901801_10151996652776447_1134992220538564569_n IMG_2429-768x1024

There’s the cherry blossoms at the botanical garden which is another must see this year! We went a little late last year, my goal is to go beginning of May when it’s peak blossom time!


Then there’s Mother’s Day! Which is pretty much treat-yo-self/family-treat-me day… can’t get better than that.


And finally, tons of park visits, flowers blooming in the city, and our anniversary in May!

Screen-Shot-2014-05-07-at-8.13.19-PM Screen-Shot-2014-05-07-at-8.12.18-PM Screen-Shot-2014-05-28-at-9.59.10-PM

And if I’m lucky, I’ll be heading to KY end of May for my childhood best friend’s, Blair, med school graduation!

Screen Shot 2015-03-12 at 12.14.48 PMI love having things to look forward to! It makes the harder days of a mom much more bearable because you know there are lots of good days ahead! Come what may and love it!

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