Special Moments

I wish I could record every minute of every day with Eva. I don’t want to forget anything. All of her smiles, all of her coos, even all of her tears. These past two weeks have been incredible, but unfortunately I don’t have enough time to write about it all. So here are a couple of moments that I’ve loved, especially.

  • Tuesday night, I was driving by myself with Eva. She was crying so loud for so long. I’m not used to this yet. Especially when I’m driving and can’t help soothe her. So, of course, I start crying too (probably doesn’t help the situation) then I decided to sing A Child’s Prayer from the Children’s hymnbook. During labor, I sang that to myself a lot and so I thought maybe it would help. When I got to the second verse, there is a line that really got to me that says, “Speak, He is listening… He hears your prayers.” I knew right then that my Heavenly Father was aware of me and that he was looking out after me. Eva fell asleep shortly after that.
  • One of these nights, Justin Bieber was on TV singing on a Christmas special and so I picked up Eva we danced together in the living room to “Mistletoe.” All the lights were off in the house except for the Christmas tree. It was quite adorable and I hope I remember this forever.
  • Before my parents left, my mom really helped out by taking Eva so I could nap, shower, and have time with T.J. I walked in on her many times rocking Eva and singing to her. I wish she could be here every day so Eva could always have that special time with my mom.

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