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Snow in April

  • The movie Can’t Buy Me Love is on, starring Patrick Dempsey when he was a teenager. He was such a nerd. It’s so funny to see how much he has changed.
  • On another note, my house is out of control. As in, the mess is out of control. I ran the dishwasher this week and did all the laundry, but I haven’t made it to the next step yet. There are clean dishes in the dishwasher, so the dirty ones are piling up. And the clean laundry is in a towering pile on the guest bed, getting higher and higher.
  • My mom is thinking, then why don’t you just take care of it instead of writing a post all about it? That is a good question. But since I have been doing homework nonstop lately, cleaning the house sounds absolutely miserable.
  • Although it is April, the weather is terrible. It’s snowing outside and I’m drinking hot chocolate like it’s December.
  • My husband got a $1200 scholarship from a graphic design talent award. I told you he was talented!
  • I really want to play the new Michael Jackson Kinect game.
  • I moved my graduation date to August so I could keep my campus job through summer term. But I am still walking in two weeks, do not worry.
  • Does anyone else think it’s weird that the oldest brother from 7th Heaven will be in a new ABC Family movie? Or maybe it’s a perfect match.
  • I wish I would have kept a blog through high school because I’m sure those would be funny posts to reread.
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