Sneak Peak: Monument Valley

My parents are in town! They bought their tickets a while back for Sam’s wedding and booked it for a week and a half so they could make it their summer vacation; but Sam changed his wedding date and location, so I get to have them all to myself for this time. This past weekend, T.J. and I along with my parents headed down to Monument Valley in Navajo nation. It’s right on the border of Utah and Arizona and the drive there was absolutely spectacular. The hotel at the park is incredible and fits in with the scenery and the 17-mile drive around the park was complete with beautiful monuments and real Navajos! They still live out on the reservation in hogans without electricity or water, and sell jewelry at little stands. I can’t wait to show you all the pictures and videos my dad took with his awesome camera to give you the real feel of our vacation!

After spending two nights at Monument Valley, we drove a few hours over to the Grand Canyon and stayed at this lodge with the most adorable cabins looking out over the north rim. Stay tuned to see pictures and hear more about the trip!

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