Skeleton Key

I can’t handle scary movies. At all. But back up two years, and you might recall that I watched them all the time. In fact, two Octobers ago, I had a free Netflix month where I had 4 movies at a time and so I decided to get scary movie after scary movie. That must have put me over the edge because, ever since then, anything remotely scary haunts me for days and really messes with my head.

Well, The Skeleton Key was on TV the other night. I remember seeing it a while ago, but I couldn’t remember the plot, so I was interested in seeing what would happen. Plus I love Kate Hudson. Of course, T.J. was asleep, so I knew it was bad news to try and watch it myself. So I woke him up (he was just on the couch, so it wasn’t that big of a deal) and had him watch the movie with me.

That was about three days ago. I still cannot stop thinking about it. The ending is driving me crazy and I really can’t believe I didn’t remember it from the first time I saw it.

Last night I had to sing hymns in my head to fall asleep. It is ridiculous.

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