Six Years Time Warp

On May 22nd, it was our six year anniversary. We spent the day by having the plague in our house, aka Hand Foot Mouth Disease. Eva was getting over it and TJ was in the middle of it. So, it was pretty terrible and a little disappointing to spend our anniversary like that. But we postponed it to the next weekend when everyone was feeling better. We walked around Temple Square, which honestly brought tears to my eyes as we walked around the same place we were married. To see our little kids with us, teach Eva the importance of the temple, hold TJ’s hand while pushing Finn in the stroller… it was the best day. We are so blessed. It’s been a great six years. Not always easy, no. But worth it, yes. I love you, dear TJ! Thanks for being such a kind, funny, supportive husband. One who will put up with my nagging, be a good sport when I ask you to do face swap on snapchat, and let me watch The Office every single day.

Six Year Anniversary-family of 4 in SLC


Five Year Anniversary-we were about to move back to Utah


Four Year Anniversary-Les Mis on Broadway!


Third Year Anniversary-FIRST day in NYC, dinner at Grimaldi’s


Two Year Anniversary-Spent apart, TJ was in NYC for his summer internship


First Year Anniversary-just baby faces in Kiwanis Park, pregnant with Eva!




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