Simple Christmas

This year I made a decision at the beginning of the Holiday season that I was going to keep it simple. I thought it would help me remember the reason we celebrate Christmas, help our budget, and help me enjoy the month more than in years past. Here’s what we did:

Presents. T.J. and I got each other one gift each. I got him a sweater, he gave me a trip to the nail salon. And for Eva, I got her a toy from the DI (that looks brand new, BTW) and a new winter jumper for her to wear. Deciding to cut down on gifts really eliminated unnecessary stress, especially financially. I loved doing this so much this year that I’ve decided that, no matter our financial situation, I will continue doing this in the future.

Parties. Usually I throw a cookie exchange or sometime of festive party, but I decided to axe it this year since our committees at church were in charge of the Christmas party. Thankfully a lot of people helped out at the ward party, so I was not nearly as stressed out as I was for the Halloween party. Looking back, I wish I could have gotten together with my closest girl friends to do a cookie exchange like usual, but there just was not enough time. Perhaps next year?

Decorations. We, of course, got our Christmas decorations out. But I had all of these plans to make Christmas crafts and as each day passed, I decided hanging out with Eva sounded like more fun. At least when I get home tomorrow, I won’t have as much stuff to take down!

What I’ve decided: We can’t do it all. Sometimes I try to think I can, especially when I see so many people going above and beyond what I ever thought was possible! But then I take on more than I can handle and get worn out. In the end, it really helped me enjoy this Christmas season and I’m glad I decided to simplify! Maybe in the future we will have more time or more money, but until then… a simple Christmas works for us!


We hope you had a wonderful Christmas and have a great New Year!

With Love,
The Derricks
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