Sidney Rigdon

I am studying for a Doctrine and Covenants test right now. I keep reading sections that were revelations for Sidney Rigdon.

I remember two years back in my Church History class I studied a lot about Sidney and my heart really went out to him for some reason. I loved hearing stories about him and how he was always right there with Joseph Smith.

Then one evening as I was reading a lesson for my class, I found out that he eventually was excommunicated. I actually cried. I really couldn’t believe it.

How could someone who was so spiritual at one time and so close to the Lord fall away? Sidney witnessed incredible things but still was able to leave the church.

What a witness it is to me that we must always be close to the Spirit and not let pride enter our lives. If Sidney could fall away, so could we. But, if we have great faith in the Lord and have a strong testimony based upon the doctrine and principles of the gospel, we will not falter. We must always turn to our Heavenly Father when we struggle or have doubts. He will lead us in the right direction and strengthen us spiritually.

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  1. Tyler Heasley
    Tyler Heasley says:

    What a cool blog! I just discovered this and I think it’s awesome. How did you create it? It’s not through Blogger or anything, so…?

    I have a secret. Every time I read the Book of Mormon, I always hope it ends differently. I always want the Nephites to step up and be righteous. But every time I come to the end, I feel sad because they don’t. It’s just one of those sad, sad things that I wish I could do something about. And it’s scary to think that people can flip from one side to the other so easily.


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