Sibling Love.

Since I am the youngest and we are all far apart in age, I don’t remember growing up with my siblings very well.  But as I have gotten older, all of us have grown closer and gotten to know each other much better.

Ashley is the oldest.  People say I look just like her.  Ashley is beautiful, funny, creative, and artistic.  She is always going out of her way to help her friends and those who are in need.  And if I had to assign her a sister in Little Women, I would say she is Jo.

Mary Beth is next in line.  She is graceful, charming, and definitely Meg.  She is a talented musician, a mother, and a wonderful wife who I look up to in my marriage.

Sam is closest to me in age.  We always have a blast together.  And although he usually makes fun of everything I do (he’ll definitely make fun of this post), I love him no matter what.  I always try to out do him, as well as constantly impress him, because I secretly need his approval. Oh, and he doesn’t really have any part in Little Women.

I love them all a lot, I don’t always show it, but I hope they know I think they are the best.  I miss you guys!

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