Shrek, do the roar!

I haven’t been feeling too well this week so I have been stuck in the house a lot.  I was beginning to have cabin fever, so T.J. said he would take me to see any movie I wanted to see.  I decided on Letters to Juliet because it’s in the dollar theater and everyone says it was great.  T.J. is a great sport, and so he agreed to the chick flick.

We got our tickets ahead of time and went to the creamery for a kids meal (it’s an amazing deal: hamburger, fries, drink, icecream all for $3.50!).  After eating, we headed back to the theater and were about ten minutes early, and the theater was already packed!

There were two seats left next to a couple who brought their baby.

No thanks.

So with the help of my iPhone, we headed over to see Shrek Forever After, a few theaters down starting in a few minutes.

It actually was pretty good.  Funny.  Cute.  Precious.  I even cried?? What? No…..

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