She said she wasn't hungry.

I took my girl to a fancy ball;

It was a social hop.

We waited till the folks got out,

And the music it did stop.

Then to a restaurant we went,

The best one on the street.

She said she wasn’t hungry

But this is what she ate.

A dozen raw, a plate of slaw,

A chicken and a roast,

Some applesauce and asparagus,

And soft-shell crabs on toast.

A big box stew, and crackers too;

Her appetite was immense!

When she called for pie,

I thought I’d die,

For in my pocket I had but fifty cents.

My mom used to recite this poem called “I Had but Fifty Cents” by Sam Devere whenever we would eat a lot.  It actually became quite a joke.

“She said she wasn’t hungry….”

Today I was reminded of this poem because I ate SO much junk food at work today.  I won’t even tell you what I had, but it all consisted of bucket-loads of sugar.  I proceeded to have a sugar crash at about two o’clock.  And you know the only way to get out of that… more sugar.

Oh gosh.

“She said she wasn’t hungry…”

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