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I heard about Provo setting up the largest live nativity in the world and I immediately thought… of course, Provo would do that! It’s kind of a cheesy world record to break. But also, so awesome and so Provo, Utah. And my next thought was, why didn’t they do this five years ago when I was there at BYU and could have participated?! But then the video of the nativity with The Piano Guys, MoTab, David Archuleta and others came out today and I lost it. I seriously love the video SO much. First of all, Angels from the Realms of Glory / Angels We Have Heard on High has always been one of my most favorite Christmas hymns. Every Christmas Eve growing up, we went to Catholic Mass to hear my Dad play trumpet and they would always sing that hymn. So hearing that song which reminds me of Christmas with my family, mixed with my favorite LDS artists… it was wonderful! Watch the video and share it with others!

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