Seriously, So Blessed

Did you ever follow that blog? I loved it. The posts were so funny and so Mormon.

Well, you’re about to get a post like that from me. Except, it’s not a joke or sarcastic.

The past few days I have felt overwhelming blessed. The majority of worries I have had this summer are taken care of and I just have felt love and friendship from so many people. I feel like I have been blessed more than I deserve, and it’s just amazing.

So, tonight for our FHE, T.J. and I decided to write down as many blessings as we could (separately) in three minutes. (I had 36, T.J. had 30… so I won.)

Here are a couple of my favorites that I wrote:

  1. The Gospel (and everything it encompasses… I wrote them out, so don’t judge me.)
  2. My husband and our marriage
  3. Our healthy baby on the way!
  4. Jimmer
  5. Baby Elephants
  6. Diamonds
  7. Clothes
  8. Pinterest
  9. My Blog
  10. My friends
And some of my favs from T.J.’s list:
  1. Shark Week
  2. Baby “No Name”
  3. Pie
  4. Beautiful Wife, My Wife, My other half, Katie (He counted this as 4, ha!)
  5. Electricity
  6. Love
  7. Physical Health
  8. Church so close
  9. Katie’s Degree
  10. Family
We had a lot more that were more serious, too. So like I said, don’t judge us! At the end of our activity my new Visiting Teacher came by with her husband to drop off dinner! She said she made too much and wanted to share… sweetest thing ever? Yes. And it wasn’t just like a normal meal. It was ratatouille. Delicious. To top off the wonderful night, some of my friends in the ward were having a Bachelorette Finale party. I hadn’t seen any of the episodes, but I knew it was a girl’s night I needed to be at! It was so fun to be around these girls and made me so thankful for my ward! I have wonderful friends, visiting teachers, and am blessed abundantly!
See, told you it would be one of those cheesy “Seriously, so blessed” posts.
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