Saturday in the City

On Saturday, we woke up to lots of rain so T.J. stayed home with Eva all day long while Hannah and I explored the city. What a sweet husband!

After getting Hannah some new shoes at the mall that would work in the rain, we went to Hamilton’s Soda Fountain Shop in Greenwich Village for lunch. I’ve been wanting to go there for months but because there’s no Path subway elevator nearby, I haven’t gotten to go with Eva. It was just as I had imagined it and was so darling inside. Delicious drinks and great atmosphere.

Screen Shot 2014-11-02 at 8.30.37 PMNext, we took the train up to 5th Ave. Hannah had never been to Uniqlo so of course I had to bring there! I also got some sweats I’ve been eyeballing for quite some time!

Screen Shot 2014-11-02 at 8.30.45 PMNext, we entered the lottery for Aladdin. We REALLY thought we were going to win, but no such luck. So disappointing. Here we are waiting for the lottery… this was a BEFORE shot, obviously. Afterwards we looked like George Michael walking to the Charlie Brown tune:


We had Pie Face for dinner then ended the night watching Guardians of the Galaxy in Times Square. I hadn’t seen the movie yet and it was still showing at the AMC there. I’m officially obsessed with the movie! I laughed SO hard throughout the entire show. So good. Hannah and I also got kind of loopy during the show from all the Diet Coke after a long day, and couldn’t stop laughing at one point… I almost had to leave the theater to get control of myself! Ha… it makes me start laughing just to think about it. Best friends are the best, amiright?

Screen Shot 2014-11-02 at 8.30.55 PMThanks so much for coming, dear Hannah! We love you so much and always have a great time with you. Eva keeps referring to the futon as your bed, so you better come back again!

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  1. Carlee
    Carlee says:

    How fun! Aladdin would be amazing! I wish I could be there right now. I loved your Halloween costume theme – so cute. In one of your pictures, Eva looks EXACTLY like TJ – I love your cute little family!


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